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QB cornerstone of your lineup.

RB next

WR next

TE next


  1. carries

  2. Pass catching

  3. rushing defense


  1. Team record

  2. Efficiency

  3. Passing defense

  4. rushing stats


  1. Targets

  2. Efficiency

  3. Upside


  1. Gronk and everyone else (cash)

  2. Minimum salary

  3. Second tier for GPPs


Giveaway/take away

mid range salary

Single entry lineup

Play high floor players to try and cash ignoring % owned projections.

Play for ceiling & incur greater risk for getting 100% ROI

Take top 3 players and toss them out ,pick from 4-10 top players for maximum % and lower owned.

Less then 25 lineups:

Focus on a core of players through all lineups or make vastly different ones.

Focus on touches for RB

Research targets WR

Look for fast pass games (ex. Eagles)

Base your lineups around the QB.

Make 5-10 lineups for each QB.

Maximize pass catchers.

Pick games that you think will go off.


Lower ownership is preferred

More top heavy the prize pool, should be contrarian.

Avoid reverse correlation

Avoid heavy owned teams

Line Moves:

Identify who the public is on and at what rate.

Who the big money betters are on.

Reverse line move:


Week 15 last year:

Buffalo was a 6 point dog when line opened. It closed at 3.5 and the big $$ was going on Bills.

Bills won 21-13

Moves of 3 point is huge.

Game flow:

Use game flow when picking Kicker & Defense

Only use 1 receiver with your QB, Play multiple lineups.

Power rating when thrown at.

In a GPP look for a QB at low price that you think will do well.

Average depth of target. Short passes we should look for for CASH games.

Some good websites:

Rotoworld daily

DFS report

Pinnacle for best Vegas Lines.

Football outsiders

Pro football focus.








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