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NFL Draft Day Is Here!

We’re back with more news. NFL Draft week is here! The first round starts Thursday at 8 p.m. EST. FanDuel will be giving away prizes on Twitter throughout the draft to people who engage with the hashtag #FanDuelWarRoom, and it will offer significant promotional opportunities for you guys. We are anticipating a large amount of engagement due to live [...]

Play Fantasy Draft

If you want another site that is not as tough as Fan Duel and Draft Kings , Fantasy Draft is a great site to play on. The competition is much softer and the company has been around for 2 years now.  I really like their format for MLB,you can play two utility spots which i [...]

Weighted On-Base Average

Weighted On-Base Average (wOBA) is one of the most important and popular catch-all offensive statistics. It was created by Tom Tango (and notably used in “The Book”) to measure a hitter’s overall offensive value, based on the relative values of each distinct offensive event. wOBA is based on a simple concept: Not all hits are created equal. [...]

Isolated Power- What is it??

Isolated Power (ISO) is a measure of a hitter’s raw power and tells you how often a player hits for extra bases. We know that not all hits are created equally and ISO provides you with a quick tool for determining the degree to which a given hitter provides extra base hits as opposed to singles. While [...]

DFS Lineups For MLB

DFS Lineups For MLB

Play Daily Fantasy Sports for a Living?

For 99% of people, the answer is probably no. But there are a select few that are playing daily fantasy sports as their full-time career right now, and with the industry still very much in the growth phase, there will likely be a few more people joining that group in the coming year. I don’t [...]

Another Happy Daily Fantasy Sports Winner

Glenn Bateman is another happy Daily Fantasy Sports player that walked away with a win after using our picks! Below he told us about his experience on our Facebook Page: “I received your text saying you were 5 for 5 on your picks yesterday. I felt compelled to respond. I am a small stakes player. [...]

Daily Fantasy College Basketball Lineups

Daily Fantasy College Basketball Lineups  

Sign Up For Free And Get A Link To Promote FSI Spreadsheets

FSI’s affiliate program is launching today.  Sign up for free, and get a link to promote FSI spreadsheets.  As an affiliate, you will earn 25% of the gross sales per subscriber each month.   Your monthly earnings will be paid via Pay Pal or Check. The process to become an affiliate is simple. Click here:  Turn [...]

Stacking players in the NBA

Let’s take a look at stacking in the NBA leading with the best team the Golden State Warriors. Most of the time this year the game has been over by the 3rd quarter. The prices are high for Curry, Thompson and Green. Green has been a double, double machine this year. Can we profit from [...]

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