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Ian & Evan’s Weekly NFL Podcast – Week 6

Ian & Evan give you there take on the upcoming NFL games for Week 6. You can always visit us at

A Closer Look Into Week 3, Fantasy Football

Week three already and I have to say I’m not seeing things too clearly at this moment in time. Let’s try to get some initial reads together so that by Friday we can really begin to put things together. Let’s begin and as always I’ll be sticking to the main slate. Broncos vs Bills I don’t like [...]

NFL Week Three- Let’s Have a Look

  Lots of injuries to follow this week.     Rob Gronkowski- Week to Week  Jordy Nelson      – Day to Day- If he sits use Adams  Greg Olsen         –  Out 10-12 Weeks- use Ed Dickson  Jimmy Graham – Day to day- if out use Luke Wilson  Jordan Reed     –  Day to day- if out use Veron Davis  Demarco [...]

Last Minute Look At Fantasy Football, Week 2

It’s game time! We did our initial research and Ian and conducted our first podcast. I won’t be writing everything we talked about as it would take to long to write and I personally like to listen than reading. ( not a good statement for our education system but hey I’m an adult and have [...]

Fantasy Football Podcast Week 2

Baltimore Ravens Week 1 road matchup in Cincinnati. Of course, we now know that the Ravens posted their first shutout since 2009, notching five sacks and five takeaways while allowing 221 yards of total offense to a Bengals squad with some impressive weapons. Baltimore will have to face a tougher offensive line this week, but [...]

Fantasy Football Week 2

Week one is in the books. How did you do? Personally, it was the usual for me good cash game, not so good in the tournament, and even though the buy in was nominal we have a nice season long league that Ian put together where I placed 6th. All in all the week was [...]

Some Defenses To Consider For Week 1 NFL

Ian touched on some defenses to consider so I will skip over those and I never spend a late amount of time on kicker so let’s talk about our narrowed down list of core plays. If your favorite player isn’t listed it’s not that I think that it’s a bad play, it just means that [...]

Fantasy Football Week 1

Let the real games begin. This article is an initial thoughts article. For those of you not familiar with our format during the season usually on Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll get my preliminary observations and target areas where further research is warranted. Our podcasts will usually come out on Thursday and any final thoughts will be released usually on Saturday. [...]

NFL Tools are now live for Week 1 NFL

NFL Tools are now live for Week 1 NFL.  I just updated the homepage video to NFL, and you will notice that we ask you to pick your preferred sport after you click Instant Access. Then we show you the tutorial and locked dashboard for the sport you picked. Inside the members’ site, I am [...]

Training camp is over – what to expect next.

Training camp is over and the last preseason games are about to be played. I just conducted my season long NFL fantasy draft (please let my players not get injured in the final preseason game), and final roster cut downs are about to take place. It seems like a great time to do a quick [...]

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