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Training camp is over – what to expect next.

Training camp is over and the last preseason games are about to be played. I just conducted my season long NFL fantasy draft (please let my players not get injured in the final preseason game), and final roster cut downs are about to take place. It seems like a great time to do a quick [...]

Tips for the Upcoming NFL Season

The NFL Daily Fantasy sports season is long.  The season, not counting playoffs, lasts a total of 17 weeks.  With the NFL Preseason underway, if you play Daily Fantasy, you should plan on playing small, because it is so difficult to know which player will start and how long they will stay in the game.  The regular NFL season starts in 4 weeks.   If you are new to DFS, take [...]

Tips for Setting NFL Preseason Lineups

1) Do NOT bank on star players–  The top players are hardly going to play any of the game, so assume they are only going to earn a fraction of their normal full game performance. This is especially true in FantasyDraft’s preseason leagues because lineups are based on regular season value. DraftKings, on the other hand, has set all salaries [...]

 What are Daily Fantasy GPPs and Some Useful Tips for Entering a Lineup 

If you are looking to win serious money, turn to the large daily fantasy sports tournaments, aka Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs).  These GPPs offer a huge payoff.  Fan Duel and Draft Kings have a $1,000,000 tournament during the first week of NFL play.  Fantasy Draft also has a live NFL $1,000,000 tournament coming up.  If you are looking to maximize your return, GPPs are the way to go.  Every Sunday during the NFL season, you will [...]

Premier Soccer Season Is Upon Us

Use this information for Daily Fantasy contests. Seems that the days have gone when teams play with a classic little n’ large attacking duo up front. In fact, many teams now employ formations which do not utilize two forwards or require a hybrid attacker. This often means the most potent attacking duos aren’t two forwards, but [...]

Tips for Setting NFL Preseason Lineups

1. Do NOT bank on star players – The top players are hardly going to play any of the game, so assume they are only going to earn a fraction of their normal full game performance. This is especially true in Fantasy Draft’s preseason leagues because lineups are based on regular season value. DraftKings, on [...]

Follow these fantasy baseball tips and start winning

We are 4 months into baseball. Some tips to watch moving forward. Keep an eye on the weather every day. The heat and humidity are very high now in most cities.  Texas, St Louis, Atlanta, Coors, Chase Field. These are just a few of the cities where the ball will fly out. If you look at Vegas [...]

Free Sites To Help You With DFS Lineups

Here are some free tools for you to use when building your DFS lineups. 1. – Get up to the minute stats on all your ball players 2.   – All the weather in one click 3.  – Just ask this site a question and get the answer immediately 4. – To see lineups as they are released use this [...]

How Will The Cousins Trade To The Pelicans Affect The Playoff Race?

The Pelicans gave up Tyreke Evans, Buddy Hield and Langston Galloway for  DeMarcus Cousins.  Cousins is a top ten player in the NBA.  Cousins will join Anthony Davis making them the top two big men in the NBA.   Could be the top frontcourt with two guys averaging 20 points per game. The Pelicans  now have [...]

Why you should use Frank Kaninsky tonight

Tonight’s slate is a nice 11 game slate . Too much to breakdown so today I’ll give you some bullets to help you with your research. Let’s begin Hornets vs 76ers Frank Kaminsky will start for Cody Zeller most likely and has a great matchup He should see 33-35 minutes and his usage will be [...]

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