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Last Minute Look At Fantasy Football, Week 2

It’s game time! We did our initial research and Ian and conducted our first podcast. I won’t be writing everything we talked about as it would take to long to write and I personally like to listen than reading. ( not a good statement for our education system but hey I’m an adult and have been out of school a long time I just won’t let my son read this lol!!!)
Let’s wrap things up and see if Ian and I missed anything

Rodgers, Brady, and Ryan are chalk and I’m a fan of paying up in my lineup builds this week for both cash and gpp.  You can get my take on Drew Bree’s as I’m not really high on him on the podcast but let’s talk about another quarterback that my level of interest is decreasing

Russell Wilson is going down in my personal rankings. Here is the problem. The Seahawks offensive line just is flat out not good but neither is the 49ers defensive front. This is a game theory fade for me as I see a scenario where this game could be over before it starts. I could see this game as a way for Seattle to try to get their running game right resulting in a decreased amount of passing volume for Wilson. In addition, the weather is going to be bad in this game which leads me to believe a bigger emphasis on the running game will take place. Don’t play Seattle running backs as trying to identify a back here is a mess.

Phillip Rivers
This guy is soaring up my charts in tournaments as a high upside quarterback this week. He just dropped 3 touchdown passes on the top-rated pass defense known as the Denver Broncos what is he going to do vs Miami

Running back

I want nothing to do with Leonard Fournette this week despite his excellent performance in week one. Upon further review, the snap count was a 60-40 split with Chris Ivory. Bottom line Fournette had a great game but as of right now this is a committee

Dalvin Cook needs to be discussed. No one is talking about him and he is the Vikings feature back. This game vs the Steelers has very sneaky shootout possibilities and if the Vikings hang with my Steelers Cook will be a big reason why as he will get the targets and touches in the Vikings backfield

Mike Gillislee
The gate has gone too far!!! The man just scored 3 touchdowns. I’m not a Patriots fan but people what more do you want!!! Yes, his carries were down but also the game flow was negative last week vs the Chiefs as the Patriots were playing from behind. See the podcast for my further thoughts on this play. He may just win someone a million bucks this week.

Wide Receiver

Two guys, I want to touch on here that we didn’t pay enough attention to on the podcast.

Keenan Allen is back. I expect him to be the Chargers primary weapon in the passing game and ten to twelve targets against a Miami secondary seems like a good play to me.

Cooper Kupp
This one is for your cash game players. He is cheap and provides salary cap relief to get your stud Quarterbacks into your lineup. In addition, he seems like a favorite target in the Rams offense at this point.

Tight end
Nothing new here for me

I know the Seahawks are chalk but don’t discount the following  two defenses

A great matchup with the Cleveland Browns at a reasonable price. Need convincing check out what the Steelers did last week!!!

Tampa Bay
The ultimate sneaky play vs the Bears.
The Bucs haven’t played a game yet and this game could flow well for them. Who are the Bears skill players ??? Jordan Howard is on the injury report as well !! I’m wondering if the Bears can score in this matchup.

That’s my final thoughts so that wraps up my week two lineups, so let’s go build some really great lineups.

Good luck
Evan email me at

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