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Fantasy Football Week 2

Week one is in the books. How did you do? Personally, it was the usual for me good cash game, not so good in the tournament, and even though the buy in was nominal we have a nice season long league that Ian put together where I placed 6th. All in all the week was average and although mistakes were made the lineup process was sound, so we move on and learn, and start our week 2 research. That’s why you’re here right! As always we will stick to the main slate of games and keep in mind this is my initial read and things will change by Sunday so wait for the pod cast and read my wrap up article to help you finalize your rosters. Let’s get started.

Bills vs Panthers
Don’t get last weeks Bills results twist your thoughts this week. Buffalo is a much poorer team on the road and the Panthers are a hell of lot better than the Jets. Bills offense is a complete fade for me including LeSean McCoy. I personally expect Carolina to have a decent lead in this game so we can target the Carolina running backs but Cam Newton and the Carolina passing game is off limits as Cam probably won’t need to work as runner capping his upside and additionally there probably won’t be enough pass volume. That was a lot for a game I have little to no interest in.

Tampa Bay vs Chicago
Chicago Not really interested in anyone here sorry Tarik Cohen. Same for Tampa Bay as the Bears defense did enough to limit Julio Jones a similar experience can happen to Mike Evans. I’m going to be watching how the Tampa tight ends perform as Austin Hooper did really well last week but curb your enthusiasm as he did his damage basically in two plays.

Vikings Vs Steelers
Big Ben historically is much better at home and it is the Steelers home opener. Leveon Bell should have a bounce back week but the Minnesota defense played very well vs New Orleans so I have some research to do on this matchup. Same for the Minnesota offense are they that good or is New Orleans that bad. What I do know is have some mild interest in both defenses.

Cards vs Colts
No Andrew Luck equals no interest in any Colts skill players. The Arizona defense is in play for me although they’re not my favorite defense on the board but price may point me in their direction. With the injury to David Johnson, you may have interest in the backups but I don’t as this should be a backfield by committee.    Where I’m very interested is Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, and John Brown.

Patriots Vs Saints
Fantasy gold mine get exposure to both teams here. Not much to discuss. Players will be discussed In final thoughts article when I start playing with pricing

Browns vs Ravens
This game can be avoided for fantasy purposes with the exception of possibly Corey Coleman from the Browns as he may be the Browns number one wide receiver with Kenny Britt falling out of favor after last weeks poor performance

Eagles vs Chiefs
Is Kareem Hunt that good? Tyreke Hill has me very intrigued as Ronald Darby will miss this game. As for the Eagles side, Eric Berry is done for the season setting Zach Ertz for a possibly good game. Alshon Jefferey and Nelson Agholor need to show me more before I consider rostering these guys

Jaguars vs Titans
I’m a fan of Leonard Fournette and the Jacksonville defense. The Jaguars may run the ball even more than anticipated at the start of the season with the loss of Allen Robinson. The Jaguars may be a top 10 defense before the end of the year so I can do without Titans exposure this week

Jets vs Raiders
Play Raiders don’t even look at the Jets. Let’s move on.

Dolphins vs Chargers
This game is more interesting for me in real life than fantasy as you have two teams that want to run the ball and play good defense. This could end up being a great football game but for fantasy purposes, we can do better.

Cowboys vs Broncos
As great as the Denver defense is they are susceptible to the running game ( Ezekiel Elliot). As for the Denver offense, there doesn’t seem to be enough targets for Demarius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to share. Also, I don’t have much faith in Trevor Semien despite his Monday night performance.

Seahawks vs 49ers
Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin, and Jimmy Graham Yes, please. I’ll even take the Seahawks as my favorite defense on the week. As for the 49er s move on they may be in a worse offensive spot than the Jets

Washington  vs Rams
I like this game and more research is warranted. There are a lot of players that are good plays I’m just not sure yet if there are any great plays.

Packers vs Falcons
This is my second favorite game on the slate as we have two very good offenses in what could be a very competitive game. There is a lot of fantasy goodness to be found here. I love Matt Ryan and Julio Jones for Atlanta and you can never go wrong with Aaron Rodgers and company

Now that we have reviewed the games let’s dig into the matchups a little more and find the best possible players to the roster. Remember let’s strive to great and leave the mediocre for our opponents.

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