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Fantasy Football Week 1

Let the real games begin. This article is an initial thoughts article. For
those of you not familiar with our format during the season usually on
Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll get my preliminary observations and target areas
where further research is warranted. Our podcasts will usually come out on
Thursday and any final thoughts will be released usually on Saturday. The
podcast is where the action really happens as Ian and I will break down our
favorite cash game and tournament plays for the week. Let’s get started.

Jets vs Bills
Wow, this could be a clunker. The Jets started tanking the season before it
even started. This will be one of the few game all season where Buffalo
will be a favorite. I have zero interest in the Jets. I have a mild interest
in the Buffalo defense but I think I can find a better situation.  LeSean
McCoy is always viable but I don’t want to pay the premium price in this

Jaguars vs Texans
On paper this looks like a pure defensive matchup between two teams that
seem content to wear down their opponent with a strong running game while
trying to hide their quarterbacks. This game doesn’t seem like a fantasy
gold mine to me.

Steelers vs Browns
Fantasy gold mine
A full game stack may be in order here as we know this offense should put
up points in this matchup and even better we know where the production
should come from. I’m some what concerned about Ben Roethlisberger’s home
road splits but I have no trouble deploying the killer b rotation of Bell,
Brown and Bryant. If this game does turn into a blow out Kenny Britt and
Corey Coleman could provide sneaky production in the event of garbage time.

Cardinals vs Lions
Shoot out the potential in this matchup. I favor the Arizona side here and I
need to research the Arizona individual matchups further. My initial read
points me to Carson Palmer Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown. You may ask no
David Johnson the short answer for me is no because I’ll be doing
everything I can to get Leveon Bell into my lineups. That being stated
David Johnson is matchup proof and no one would fault you for rostering
him. Heck, I may change my mind on this by the end of the week. As for
Detroit I know that they should score points but Arizona has a strong
defense and it’s hard for me to pinpoint where and how the production will
come so I’ll probably take a pass.

Bucs vs Dolphins
Bad game script and bad weather equals a pass for me

Falcons Vs Bears
I’m all in for deploying Julio Jones who not only has a great matchup but
also a coaching staff that wants to increase his targets and red zone
usage. I’m off the Falcons running backs as I’m not sure if it is a running
back committee situation or with Freeman new contract a bell cow situation
so I’ll take a wait and see approach. Is Matt Ryan going to attempt 35 pass
attempts in this matchup? I’m not sure. I expect the Bears wide receivers to
be sneaky like the Browns and at a great price point in a similar possible
garbage time situation

Ravens vs Browns
Zero interest moving on

Eagles vs Redskins
Keep on moving but I’m curious to see how of Washington new offensive
pieces click. I want clarity on The health of Jordan Reed and the running
back pecking order. For the Eagles, I also want to see how Carson Wentz
plays with his new weapons

Colts vs Rams
I have interest in the Rams defense due Andrew Luck on the Pup list. No
luck leads me to avoid the Colts offensive player

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