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A Closer Look Into Week 3, Fantasy Football

Week three already and I have to say I’m not seeing things too clearly at this moment in time. Let’s try to get some initial reads together so that by Friday we can really begin to put things together. Let’s begin and as always I’ll be sticking to the main slate.

Broncos vs Bills
I don’t like this game at all. The way this game should play out is Denver’s defense who is much more effective against the run this year should dominate an inept Bills offense. I personally don’t like picking on the Denver defense and I definitely don’t want to try with the Bills offense. As for Denver, we know that the passing attack runs through Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders and we also know that both players eat into each other’s volume. If I were to use anyone in this game it would probably be C J Anderson, however, keep in mind The Bills defense has played well against the run. At the end of the day, this game is probably s stay away for me. Things getting a little clearer so let’s keep going.

Steelers vs Bears
I have zero interest in the Bears offense at all!!! Let’s dive into the Steelers. The Bears defense the last two weeks have done a good job slowing down Julio Jones and Mike Evans so I don’t think I want to pay a premium for Antonio Brown, especially in a possible negative game script. I really like Levon Bell in this game as his targets and touches should be heavy in this game and he correlates well with the Pittsburgh defense. As for Ben, it’s an away game with a potential negative game script so I will avoid him.

Saints vs Panthers
The Saints defense is bad and I mean really bad. The problem is Cam Newton isn’t really good anymore either. I would like to think this game would shoot out but Drew Bree’s receivers are nowhere near as good as last year and the game is on the road. I don’t trust the Panthers receiving corps now that Greg Olsen has a broken foot. If I look anywhere it would be the Carolina running game with a focus on deploying  Christian Mccathery.

Bucs vs Vikings
My thoughts on this game really depend on the availability on Sam Bradford as the Vikings looked pretty bad without him last week. The Vikings defense is good enough that I don’t want to use the Bucs offense. Xavier Rhodes has owned Mike Evans in the past as well. I guess I can make a case to deploy both defenses. Let’s move on.

Browns vs Colts
This is the toilet bowl and may be a preview of teams battling for next years first round pick. The Colts quarterback situation is a mess but I have interest in Jack Doyle as tight ends have been destroying the Browns this year. As for the Browns, I have to evaluate their player’s price points later in the week as their skill position players, as well as Deshone Kaiser, may have sneaky upside. Actually, this game may have sneaky shootout capabilities due to the bad defensive play of both teams. More research is required.

Dolphins vs Jets
Jay Ajayi yes, please. The Jets are bad but they are home and traditionally play the Dolphins tough. Bold prediction Jets win their first game of the season. Outside of Ajayi, I want nothing to do with this game for fantasy purposes.

Texans vs Patriots
This game should end up a blowout. Feel free to fire up the New England defense against a rookie quarterback on the road. I like the New England offense but again this game may have a very negative game script. I love Tom Brady in this game and although he continued to be unpopular Mike Gillislee is again in play for me.

Falcons vs Lions
This is a game for offense target this game from both sides as this game should stay competitive.

Giants vs Eagles
The Giants offense is a train wreck due to terrible offensive line play and things may not get any better here. Carson Wentz has been playing great to start the season and I wouldn’t mind stacking him with Zack Ertz as they have been terrible defending the tight end position this year.

Seahawks vs Titans
Both offenses have been pretty bad to start the season. This is probably a stay away game from me with the exception of slight interest in Doug Baldwin. I’ll have even more interest if Jimmy Graham misses this game.

Chiefs vs Chargers
Is Kareem Hunt this good. The price is creeping up but the matchup is still enticing he will most likely be in my final player pool.
Phillip Rivers has started the season well and Kennan Allen has been a target monster to start the season

Bengals vs Packers
We need to monitor the Green Bay injury situation. In addition, I love AJ Green as I suspect the new Bengals offensive coordinator will try to put the ball in his hand early and often.

Raiders vs Washington
There is no reason why this game shouldn’t shoot out get exposure to this game as it has the highest total on the slate. I love the Raiders offense in this matchup. Monitor the Washington running back injury situation.

I need to continue breaking down many of these games and look forward to discussing my favorite plays with Ian on Friday.
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