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 What are Daily Fantasy GPPs and Some Useful Tips for Entering a Lineup 

If you are looking to win serious money, turn to the large daily fantasy sports tournaments, aka Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs).  These GPPs offer a huge payoff.  Fan Duel and Draft Kings have a $1,000,000 tournament during the first week of NFL play.  Fantasy Draft also has a live NFL $1,000,000 tournament coming up.  If you are looking to maximize your return, GPPs are the way to go. 

Every Sunday during the NFL season, you will see a number of large tournaments posted.  These GPPs are very top heavy, with about 35% of the prize pool going to the winner.  Look at the payout structure and make certain that the payout is not over 35%.  The tournament buy-ins range from $1- $1,000.00.  These big contests attract a large number of players, so the winning odds are against you.  However, if you want to join in the tournament, you can have a shot at $1,000,000, for a mere $4.00.  Fantasy Draft, Draft Kings, and Fan Duel all have free tournaments that you can join during the first week of the season.  Take advantage of this one-time, annual free tournament play. 

For GPP play you need to look for a high ceiling.  In contrast, as I wrote in earlier columns when playing cash tournaments, you want to watch for consistency and a high floor.   

Tips for Entering a Lineup: 

  • Quarterback (QB) 

Look for a value QB and take a chance on a QB who you believe could receive the highest number of points for the day.  Ask yourself, is the game a shootout?  Is your QB playing from behind?  If you suspect “Yes,” to each question, your QB should be throwing a lot.  Remember, you want to play a QB who throws a lot.  Therefore, look for an underdog QB who tends to play from behind, because chances are, he will be throwing a lot. 

  • Running Back (RB) 

Look for the number one RB to use and place him in your lineup.  The second RB needs to be a value guy.  Look for a RB who is a favorite, as he will generally run the ball during the second half.  You want your RBs to run the ball and rack up points.  Examples of solid RBs are David Johnson and Frank Gore.  Gore is a great selection even though he is boring because he tends to generally be consistent.  Again, consistency is your key. 

  • Wide Receiver (WR) 

Link one of your WRs with your QB.  A wise pick for WR is a stud who will perform even better.  If your QB goes off and throws to your WR, it is a double point gain.  Your QB and WR can each score points for you.  Now look for two more studs who may be an underdog.  This is where you will either win or lose your contest.  The three WRs you choose could rack up huge points for you.  A contrarian move would be to link up two WRs with your QB.  If they go off, this will separate your lineup from the huge pack of competitive players, and you will not be heading toward winning.  

  • Tight End (TE) 

Look for defense that is weak in stopping TEs.  I do not spend a lot of my salary on a TE in a GPP.  Try and find a TE that does not focus on blocking.  You want the QB who throws to his TE. Football Focus is a good reference site, and I recommend that you look at it as you formulate your plan. 

  • Kicker 

Look for kickers who play in an indoor stadium first, as you do not want to base your selection on the weather.  If the defense stops the opposition in the red zone, the kicker will put up points. 

  • Defense 

Make it your priority to find players, and make a team that has a good defense.  If you can find a defense that causes fumbles, interceptions, or a Pick Six, this is the defense you are going to want to use.   

Weather comes into play here.  I generally want to see bad weather, because the adverse weather can cause turnovers.  A move that most DFS players overlook is using a special team’s guy who is a RB or WR.  If he has a Pick Six, you get points for him and the defense. 

Finally, take chances in GPPs.  Do your research, because you may find diamonds in the rough if you take the time to read about and investigate your players. In addition to these tips, stay up on injuries and scratches.  Use a late swap if you are down, especially when heading into late games.  Swap your players with other players that can potentially yield a huge upside.  If you opt to play in a large field GPP, you will have to take a risk, because, in order to win a large GPP, you have to be contrarian.  GPPs may be fearsome but they are exciting because you just might win.  Believe me, winning a GPP is not impossible because some of my subscribers have had the good fortune of building a winning team and nearing the top place in a GPP tournament, which in one case yielded a $25,000.00 win!  Build your team smart and play to win.   

As always, best of luck and have fun with DFS. 

Ian Olito   






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