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Premier Soccer Season Is Upon Us

Use this information for Daily Fantasy contests. Seems that the days have gone when teams play with a classic little n’ large attacking duo up front. In fact, many teams now employ formations which do not utilize two forwards or require a hybrid attacker. This often means the most potent attacking duos aren’t two forwards, but a forward-midfielder combination. When looking at the EPL for fantasy Premier League purposes, which attacking duo should you look to draft as your main men this season? In my article, the Premier League’s top duos are compared statistically against the rest to see who comes out on top. 

 Let’s start by identifying the top duos from each team based loosely on either top scorer/assist maker. This may not apply across the board for every team, as an example, Hazard would be Chelsea’s main midfielder to target even if he did only get five assists last season. 

Let’s face it, drafting a top tier duo is extremely unlikely, especially since it’s been established that top strikers are in very short supply. These five names regularly occupy the proverbial tier: Alexis Sanchez, Roberto Firmino, Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku and Sergio Aguero (we’ll talk about the Chelsea lads later). But there is value in the second tier and across the board to make sure you don’t have a disastrous first couple of rounds to start your draft. Depending on how many teams make up your league will certainly change the outcome of how successful you are in acquiring a top rate duo. But first, let’s look at a basic visual representation of each duo combined based on last season’s stats: 



A simple look at the above graph tells us what many fantasy owners already know; namely that Kane and Christian Eriksen were two of the most productive players last season. This is also not taking into account the production of Dele Alli and Son Hueng-Min who could have been a separate duo in the graph and outperformed most other duos. The key takeaway here is draft Tottenham players. 


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