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Tips for Setting NFL Preseason Lineups

1. Do NOT bank on star players – The top players are hardly going to play any of the game, so assume they are only going to earn a fraction of their normal full game performance. This is especially true in Fantasy Draft’s preseason leagues because lineups are based on regular season value. DraftKings, on the other hand, has set all salaries to $5500, an endorsement of the relatively unpredictable nature of these games if there ever was one.

2) A much larger player pool – Because the regular starters are only going to play a quarter or two, the number of players with potential value is much larger — possibly 3 or 4 times larger than the pool of players one would normally consider for a regular season game. Nearly everyone is a potential stud in preseason DFS.

3) Research, Research, Research – Ok, we never want to go into a daily fantasy sports contest blind, but we can get a much bigger edge this time of year by having a finger on the pulse of what is going on in the preseason. Pay attention to Twitter, read articles from beat writers or news sites such as RotoWire or ESPN NFL.Also, listen to what the coaches are saying about who might be getting some extra time or snaps.

4) Follow the training camps – The players that impressed during training camp are a good place to start to get clued into who might be playing more snaps. Who was getting the buzz during training camp?

5) The preseason changes from week to week – The closer to the start of the season we get the more the regular starters will play. Keep in mind this is going to vary significantly by coach and team. Generally speaking, by Week 3 and Week 4 of the preseason, starters will play more or less the first half.

6. Take it easy. It is tough to guess who will get the time playing. The last pre-season game, do not play the players who will start the first regular season game.

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