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Free Sites To Help You With DFS Lineups

Here are some free tools for you to use when building your DFS lineups.

1. – Get up to the minute stats on all your ball players

2.   – All the weather in one click

3.  – Just ask this site a question and get the answer immediately

4. – To see lineups as they are released use this site

5.   One of my favorite sites for information

6.   Great user-friendly optimizer, use the  free trial

These free sites will give you the ammunition you need to create competitive lineups. The DFS landscape has changed in the last two years. You need this type of information to be competitive.  As we move into the football season (only 9 weeks away) I will furnish what sites to use for creating NFL lineups.  Those of you who are into Premier Soccer we will have information available by opening day August 12th.  Please post any questions you have about DFS and I will answer them for you.

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