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Follow these fantasy baseball tips and start winning

We are 4 months into baseball. Some tips to watch moving forward. Keep an eye on the weather every day. The heat and humidity are very high now in most cities.  Texas, St Louis, Atlanta, Coors, Chase Field. These are just a few of the cities where the ball will fly out. If you look at Vegas run totals you will see some high projections. It seems hitting is up this year and pitching is down.  On Fan Duel, you need that quality start, so look for pitchers with higher K rates and low run totals.   Draft Kings get the high k rate and lower hit totals.

As you know you need the pitcher to perform for you and this is the first place I go then I build around them.   I look for home runs and consistency.  As we all know you can take the best hitter in baseball and he can go 0-5.  In cash games look for value and then put in your key players.  In large GPPs be very contrarian and look for the lower % players that evening.  There is always a player you can project to hit a home run that will be lower owned.

The buzz for the last 12 months is stacking. I believe this is a good way to go on days where we have 11-15 games. On days with limited games, I look for key players I like and play them. My reasoning is if there are a few games and high run total on 1 or 2 games, there is a huge chance you will see the same lineups and run into problems.

Baseball is a high variance sport.  If you want to play conservative play 50-50s. Look for batters 1-5, teams playing away(as you will get batters up in the 9th inning for sure) Look for hitters that are playing in high heat games and hitters parks.  High run total games. With pitchers look for a pitcher’s park and lower temps.

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