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What To Look For Tonight In The NBA

Welcome back !! It’s been a while but with the NFL regular season behind us it’s time to focus on NBA . Tonight we have an eight game slate and it’s a difficult one with a lot of tough decisions to make. Let’s get started

Pacers vs Nets
The Nets are the coors  field of baseball in the NBA , they are terrible at every position. All the starters are in play for me with emphasis on Paul George who is at an elite price point for this match-up. Jeff Teague , Myles Turner, and Thad Young (revenge game) are all options. This game is an example of how we use Vegas to help us as the pacers have an implied total 9.6 points higher than their average. Use the pacers with confidence. As for the Nets Trevor Bookers minutes are on the rise and that’s about it for me.

Raptors vs Jazz
This game is hands off for me I don’t target players against the Jazz. I have interest in Derek Favors against a weak Raptors front court but I think I can do better .

Detroit vs Hornets
Detroit has an implied total 5.6 points higher than their season average. Tobias Harris has been a beast since being moved to the second unit and is priced only at $5900 . Andre Drummond is one of my favorite centers on the slate as he should feast on a depleted Hornets front court. As for the Hornets on a back to back against a top defense I’ll take a pass

Houston vs Okc
Highest total on the slate of 225. Not sure where I’m headed as Westbrook and Harden are really expensive. I’ll give a slight edge to Harden at this point but it really comes down to if Patrick Beverly plays as he does have the ability to slow down Westbrook somewhat ( I say that hesitantly as Westbrook is matchup proof) I would love to play both but unless value opens up I don’t think you can create an optimal lineup this way. All other pieces of both teams can be used in Roster construction. Get exposure to this game!!!!

New Orleans vs Hawks
Nothing really excites me in this game. Yes Anthony Davis is great but he will be going against o if the better front court defenses in the NBA . Ian I’m about to puke with my next statement. Consider Ken Bazemore if he is the last man into your lineup and you absolutely need the value. He is a dud waiting to happen but in this matchup he must be considered against a New Orleans team that struggled to defend the small forward position. Excuse me

Dallas vs Suns
Now that I’ve thrown up I have interest on the Dallas side of this game as the Suns are the little brother of the Nets when it comes to giving up fantasy production. Dallas will be playing a pace up game and has an implied total of 9.2 points higher than their season average. Stick to Deron Williams and Harrison Barnes and consider Wesley Matthews if you have the stomach for it.

Blazers vs Lakers
One of my favorite games on the slate . The pace will be fast and has a heathy 215 total. If Damian Lillard remains out I like every one on Portland with an emphasis on C J McCollum, Allen Crabbe, and A Aminu (power forward value play price is to cheap). From the lakers Julius Randle will a bust the Portland front court and I can consider Lou Williams as his price is back down under 5 k

Spurs vs Nuggets
The point spread seems low on this game. I don’t go out of my way to target the spurs but I will consider N Jokic as he is a great play if he can stay out of foul trouble and Wilson Chandler is still too cheap for his present role. This is the last game on the slate and I don’t want to be victim to a random rest day so I will limit my exposure too Kawai Leonard.

Best of luck tonight in your contests and I can always be reached for questions.

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