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Value Games For Tonight’s 9 Game NBA Slate

We have a nice 9 game NBA slate to work with tonight. These articles are not meant to be a picks article . This article is designed to identify value plays and good games to target for fantasy production. My suggestions are more geared towards cash games but you can certainly apply the philosophy in your tournaments as well. Also keep in mind these articles are written the night before or early morning so please pay attention to injury news as that is where value will open . The golden rule as discussed in our pod cast yesterday is minutes and usage are the key components in optimal line up construction. Let’s begin my suggestions are geared towards fan duel pricing and all players suggested I believe have the opportunity for 5x value at a minimum.

Wizards vs Bulls
Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler have been ruled out already, and there is no Vegas line as of yet. I will be staying away from the Wizards as this game will be a blow out and at their prices I want more than three quarters of production. As for the bulls it depends on who starts which as of now we don’t know. Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott interest me the most as their salaries are underpriced for their potential opportunities tonight. In addition monitor information on Rajon Rondo as he may be showcased for a trade opportunity this evening

Raptors vs Celtics
A game that should stay close . I’m off Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry are good
Plays for the Raptors but I like other players at their positions more. For Toronto my favorite player is Demarre Caroll as his minutes restrictions seem to have been lifted and he has been playing over 34 minutes his last three games and his salary is $3800 . He legitimately can give 6x return on his salary tonight with room for more even in a tough matchup against Jae Crowder. The Boston side Avery Bradley is already ruled out so I have interest in Marcus Smart. I have extreme interest in Isiah Thomastonight as his usage goes through the roof with Avery Bradley off the court. Al horford against a weak Toronto front line is also in play.

Hawks vs Nets
The Nets are the Coors Field of basketball and Atlanta has a 8.2 point higher total for this game than their season average. Dennis Schroeder Paul Millsapp and Dennis Schroeder are all in play. I’ll avoid Atlanta wings as minutes are hard to pinpoint. Nets are a fade for the same reasons as their minutes are all over the place.

Rockers vs Hornets
All the James Harden he will be my anchor tonight. As for the Hornets Jeremy Lamb is still to cheap for his role he has a $1300 price difference on draft kings lock him in.

Spurs vs Bucks
Lamarcus Aldridge should destroy the Bucks front court tonight and he has returned a minimum of 5x value the last 4 games. The Bucks are a stay away for me tonight, since this piece was written Lamarcus Aldridge has been scratched. Give me all the Leonard this evening.

Cavs vs Jazz
I don’t go out of my way to attack Utah it’s that simple. Derek Favors is still too cheap but not for this matchup

Blazers vs Lakers
Fantasy gold mine game. This is a game that you could stack in tournaments and you should get some exposure in your cash games . Both teams have higher totals than their season averages blazers +4.2 and Lakers +5.8. For Portland my favorite center on the slate Mason Plumlee as the lakers don’t defend the center position well. Aminu at power forward is way to cheap at $4600 and I prefer him over Mirotic tonight. c j McCollum has been lights out and even at this price point I don’t mind himtonight. His production has matched James Harden his last 4 games out at almost a 3 k discount and the matchup is awesome. As for the Lakers you have to consider Julius Randle  who at this price point is paying 5x value as well. Last but not least look at Deangelo Russell who has seen an uptick in minutes against Damian Lillard defense count me in.

Golden state vs Heat
Extreme blow out risk I won’t be rostering players in this game. You can consider Dion Waiters on draft kings

Kings vs Pistons
I’m. It in love with this game. Jon Leur is injured meaning Tobias Harris could return to the starting lineup which would limit my interest in him. K c p is in play as shooting guards against the kings is a thing. Boggie is ok but I like cheaper centers more on this slate.

That’s a wrap I hope this helps your initial research. Pay attention to news and let’s build some optimal line ups

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