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Tonight’s NBA Stars To Watch

Today is tough for me as a dejected steeler fan wait wait wait this is a NBA article talk about basketball!! Ok let’s get right down to it. Today unlike other days there is a ton of value available to us already. Today seems like a stars and scrubs type of a day as there is literally value at every position except maybe power forward. We should easily be able to fit three high salaries into our roster rather easily.

The stars
James Harden vs the Giannis
Both teams have no answers for each other and paying up at the shooting guard position should be a very popular lineup build today.
Demarcus Cousins vs Detroit front court
Boogie is up to 40 percent usage with Rudy Gay being out for the season and the matchup is very juicy
The big three from the Cavaliers are in play tonight as Vegas projects the game to be close
The avoids
Golden state warriors extreme blow out risk and Russell Westbrook doesn’t have me excited due to his matchup against Utah

Vegas tells us that the Spurs have the highest point total on the slate and a projected score of 114.5 which is 7.2 points higher than their season average. Spurs are also a tremendous source of value Patty Mills, David Lee, and Dejounte Murray are firmly in play. Murray is causing me a problem because he is way to cheap for his price point but playing Murray means I can only play one of Harden or the Greak.

Other value players I’m considering
Point guard
Raymond Felton still too cheap
Matthew Delladova at the price tag of $3600
And apparently starting again is way too cheap even in a tough matchup
Small forward
Joe ingles as long as Rodney Hood remains out he is a source of value
Power forward
Kristap Porzingis price is under 7 k and his matchup vs the Pacers is great
John  Leur  can also be considered
Joachim Noah if he continues to get 30 minutes a night he should return value

Good luck tonight

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