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Tonight’s NBA Five-Game Slate

We have a nice five game slate to work with tonight and before we get started is it just me or is Chris Paul this years Anthony Davis, just saying. Anyway back to the slate.

Rockets vs Miami
I think you have to play James Harden at a weak shooting guard position just for his raw points at a very weak shooting guard position. As for the rest of the Rockets they are all priced where they should be with the exception of possibly Ryan Anderson who just seems to play better on the road. Miami is decent defensively so I won’t go crazy in this spot. As for Miami their team total is eight points higher than their season average which usually is a good indication to get some exposure. Hassan Whiteside should be able to exploit Houston interior defense and Dion Waiters will play a ton of minutes. I won’t be using Miami point guards against Patrick Beverly defense and I will consider using James Johnson but I believe their are much better options tonight.

Toronto vs Nets
Extreme blow out risk all Toronto starters even with the blow out risk are in play for me except Demar Derozan as I prefer James Harden and probably won’t pay up at both shooting guard spots tonight. Lucas Noguiera will be a source of value if Patrick Patterson continues to sit. You can also consider Cory Joseph as he will get more minutes in a blow out. Nets are basically stay away for me tonight as I have zero interest in them.

Dallas vs Bulls
Two very slow paced teams with the lowest projected total on the slate, even on a five game slate we can do better.

Wolves vs Spurs
This is another stay away spot . I have zero interest in the wolves tonight but if I was forced to go some where it would be Zach Lavine as the Spurs have been somewhat vulnerable to shooting guards this year. As for the Spurs I would consider Tony Parker as long as we don’t get word that he sits as a source of value. I want to like Pau Gasol as Minnesota doesn’t defend the center position very well but I don’t know if I can get myself to do it.

Lakers vs Nuggets
This is the late night hammer. High game total check. Teams that don’t play good defense check. Latest game on the slate hmm people don’t like to play the slate game on the east coast check. GAME STACK!!!!
Denver side Nikola Jokic is expensive but the lakers are brutal vs the center position sign me up. Gary Harris is doubtful putting a Will Barton , Wilson Chandler , and Danilo Gallinari firmly in play for me. If you believe that Kenny Faried will continue to get thirty minutes a game he is a source of value as well. As for the Lakers side Give me all the Deangelo Russell and Julius Randle that you can fit as Denver struggles defending the position. Timmy Mozgov is very cheap cans can also be looked at as his backup Tariq Black sprained his ankle and may not play. In addition the lakers will have to play big to counter Jokic. Lastly we can look at Lou Williams and Nick Young as their minutes will be solidified if Jordan Clarkson can’t play as he also rolled his ankle.

Good luck today!

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