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How To Be Successful In Daily Fantasy Basketball

It feels good to be back to talking NBA dfs again. I fully intended to start writing daily articles last week regularly but then the infamous stomach flu / cold hits and my plans as a result changed. I did take some time off but still kept up with what’s going on
And the biggest takeaway for me is to be successful in NBA dfs the formula is the same as it always was and always will be. Here it is matchup plus opportunity equals rostered player. If you don’t believe a player can return 5x value find another player. Do you believe in hot streaks , I do and I research all players I’m considering to roster by reviewing at least the last 5-7 days data to see if value is being reached. Lastly avoid the experts and do the work and watch your bankroll grow.

Today I’m taking a different approach I’m writing this article on Sunday evening so I don’t have the luxury of using Vegas as a guide. By the way use Vegas as a guide especially team totals . Let’s look at some games that are interesting and possible fantasy options.

Brooklyn vs Miami
Pace up game for Miami against the Nets . The first target for me is Goran Dragic at point guard and even with an elevated price you need to consider deploying him. Wayne Ellington at $4300 has been hitting value like clock work and I love the play more if Tyler Johnson is still unavailable. James Johnson is also a good play at $6000 don’t let last game spook you vs the Nets as Hassan Whiteside didn’t play and Johnson didn’t match up well with Brook Lopez. The Nets are a different story as we don’t know who will play or rest so monitor news to see if value opens.

Orlando vs Minnesota
On the Minnesota side all starters are in play as the wolves run their starters in most cases 34 minutes at least and this game should be competitive in theory. The only wolves player I’ll be off is K A T at $10900 I don’t believe he can hit value. From the magic side consider Elfrid Payton and Vuc .

Detroit vs Boston
We know that this is a pace down game for Boston and Avery Bradley is already out. Isiah Thomas has a great matchup as Reggie Jackson is not a good defender but I like Reggie Jackson more as a price play as Isiah Thomas is also a poor defender.  . I see a clearer route for Reggie Jackson to hit value. Andre Drummond is another elite price point play here as the celtics struggle to defend the center position and Al Horford is injured. Back to the celtics take a peak at Jae Crowders box score and ask me how we don’t roster him.

Cavs vs Mavs
Kevin Love is out which means all my rosters will have L B J and Kyree Irving despite the bad matchup. Not really looking at the Mavs here.

Memphis vs Portland
For the Grizzlies Mike Conley , Marc Gasol, and Zach Randolph will all be considered. As for Portland this is not a great matchup so I’ll take a pass

Good luck

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