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Tonight’s 6 Game Slate for the NBA

We have a nice 6 game slate tonight so let’s dive in and see what we can uncover.
Before we begin keep in mind these articles are typically written the night before and many things can change prior to lineup lock so use this article as a starting point, and remember if you can’t be around 30 minutes before lock just skip it

Cavs vs Grizzlies
This game is a stay away spot as there is extreme blow out risk in this game. Marc Gasol has already been ruled out for this one and I question whether Memphis can stay competitive. This also looks like a prime spot where Cleveland could possibly rest players, if that were to happen I would have interest in any of the big three that were active for the game.

Hawks vs Magic
My interest in this game is also dependent on injury updates (detecting a theme Dfs basketball is all about processing and taking advantage of the news that breaks throughout the day. For Atlanta as long as Ken Bazemore remains out I love Thabo Sefolisha as a value play as he contributes in every area of the stat sheet and st $4300 is basically free. The Orlando side it’s all about the big men , if vucevic or Biyumbo sits I have some mild interest in whoever is playing. If both are out we can talk about Sereg Ibaka

Warriors vs Pelicans
Could be a fantasy goldmine if the game stays close. The warriors have a team total of 117.5 so I want some exposure with my favorite being Draymond Green. Pelicans can be used for value especially Tim Frazier.
The Brow is much better at home in this matchup but considering the price I’ll pay up for Westbrook.

Bulls vs Wolves
This game is basically a pass for me . Its not that I don’t like the game it’s just that the value and the shoot out potential doesn’t seem to be there. I can consider in cash games Robin Lopez And Rajon Rondo from the bulls and Georgi Dieng from the wolves

Knicks vs Suns
This is a fantasy gold mine . On the suns side shooting guards are a thing against the Knicks so I have interest in Devin Booker . In addition if Alex Len is ruled out Tyson Chandler will be lock and load for me at center. As for the Knicks we know where the production is coming from D rose Carmelo Anthony and K Porzingis are all in play . I do prefer Draymond Green than Porzingis as of writing this but my opinion may change.

Thunder vs Portland
Russell Westbrook is my spend up choice tonight and it’s not close. Victor Oladippo is questionable tonight which will lead to even more usage for Westbrook ( is that even possible) . If oladippo is out we could consider Andre Roberson and Enes Kanter. Not much interest in Portland on fan duel due to the price points but Damian Lillard is always in play at home.

Shell line up
K Thompson
D Booker
A Gordon
T Sefolisha
D Green
S ibaka
Tyson chandler

Good luck today

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