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Evan’s Overview of Tonights NBA Slate

We have a huge 11 game slate tonight with plenty of value and positive game scripts. Today I’ll target players that are in good positions and attack several games from a game theory perspective.

Hornets vs Lakers
Minutes are hard to predict for the Lakers so I’m not to interested in them. As for the hornets Kemba Walker at home is a thing , he is priced fairly and will be under owned tonight I like him in all formats . Nick Battum is also in a great spot but is a little pricey so I like him more for tournaments. Marvin Williams is still under priced at power forward and the minutes are headed in the right direction

New Orleans vs 76ers
Anthony Davis is a little banged up so he is tournament only and Terrance Jones as a cheap power forward is interesting. Jrue Holiday gets a great match-up as the 76ers defend the point guard position poorly and his minutes and usage are right there. From the 76ers Rob Covington has been playing better and just trust the process. Joel Embiid gets a tasty matchup as New Orleans defends the center position poorly and with Deandre Jordan being the chalk today he may go overlooked.

Ny vs Pacers
This game has a high over-under but I’m probably looking elsewhere tonight as far as the New York side goes. From the pacers I could have some interest in Myles Turner but
I think there are better games to target.

Raptors vs Nets
Extremely likely to be a blow out I don’t need to go here on a 11 game slate.

Heat vs Magic
As per usual the heat back court is severely depleted. I have interest in Gorman Dragic and Tyler Johnson are really the only healthy guards that have consistent 5x upside. Orlando is a fade for mr

Cavs vs Bucks
Kevin love is out. Anytime one of the big three is out feel confident in firing up the other two. In this case Kyree Irving  and Lebron James are almost must plays as the Cavaliers production is so concentrated. The sneaky play is Tristan Thompson as the Bucks are weak vs the center position. As for the Bucks I don’t need to be convinced to play the Greek freak and he is a great play in all formats.

Celtics vs Grizzlies
Lowest point total on the slate let’s keep moving no need to go here

Houston vs Spurs
James Harden is always in play anytime he steps foot in the court but this is a real tough match-up. I probably won’t go here but would understand if you wanted to. From the Spurs this seems like a Kawai Leonard game if I ever saw one and he stuffs that stat sheet for us. I could consider Lamarcus Aldridge and PauGasol but their price point and production don’t add up for me personally.

Golden state vs Jazz
I don’t pick on Utah defense. It’s that simple. If I had to make a pick Draymond Green for triple double upside would be my guy. For the Jazz I love Gordon Hayward in this game as it’s a pace up game for him and with George Hill out he will facilitate the offense.

Portland vs Kings
Demarcus Cousins is always in play but roster construction will probably prevent me from using him. I’m more interested in the Portland side with c j McCollumand Moe Harkless catching my eye.

Clippers vs Nuggets
My favorite game of the night. Blake Griffin will be out the next 3-6 weeks so it’s Chris Paul time. Without Blake Griffin Paul’s usage goes through the roof and Denver is terrible defending the point guard position. Deandre Jordan usage also increases and he will be the chalk center tonight. I have nothing against JjReddick, Jamal Crawford , and Austin Rivers in this spot as all are cheap and will be under priced for their new roles. As for Denver Jusuf Nurkic personally has been a problem for me. Part of it is me and part of it is Mike Malone. This is a tough match-up for Nurkic due to his propensity to foul. He costs $5900 and burned me last night and for cash games you have to play him as he will be 70 percent or more owned tonight as for tournaments he will be an easy fade for me I’ll never play a player that highly owned . Gary Harris it this price point is also good play and a source of salary relief.

In closing I’ll have heavy exposure in my cash games to the Cavaliers and Clippers and will be pivoting in my tournament lineup

Good luck in your contests today

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