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Evans NFL Week 14 Overiew

It’s been a while hasn’t it. I haven’t been writing wrap up articles the last three weeks, had the flu, thanksgiving, and just life but today is a little different . The podcasts have been outstanding the last few weeks and my thoughts were laid out right there for you. Again though today is different and after recording the podcast my thoughts have changed significantly on several key points , so I felt an obligation to share. Here we go!!!

On the pod cast I was extremely high on Andrew Luck but there has been a switch. I still love Luck and love the attitude of the team as a whole heading into a important game like this , but Jameis Winstons matchup may just be to good to pass up. The New Orleans defense is the Coors field of football and the game has shootout written all over it. There is one other guy that I also find my self liking more and more. Sorry Giants fans Dak Prescott may break your hearts this weekend. Dak is not the same week one quarterback you saw. The Giants are going to sell out to stop the Dallas running game creating a great opportunity for Dak . I believe he has a solid floor and a very high ceiling in this matchup.

Running Back
I stated it on the pod cast and I feel stronger about it on Saturday morning Ezekiel Elliot is going to have a monster game and has now passed Leveon Bell this week for me. The Giants defense has been hit by the injury bug and in questioning how good the Giants run defense really is. This situation really reminds me of when Dallas played green bay earlier in the season. I don’t mind stacking Elliot with Dak either.

Wide Receiver
Not much has changed here except I’m not as high on Ted gin due to weather issues. My mind has shifted to the Washington wide receiver corps principally Jameson Crowder and Desean Jackson. Jordan Reed will play but will he be effective, in addition the Eagles are really tough on tight ends . If we believe Kirk Cousins is going to have a big game (and I do) this is where the production will come from with Crowder being my preferred choice.
Golden Tate is firmly in play as Marvin Jones and Theo Riddick are really banged up.

Tight end
Cameron Brate Cameron Brate  Cameron Brate

Still on Minnesota but considering Seattle due to weather

That’s a wrap
Here is the sample lineup and I’m comfortable using it in all formats on fan duel

Qb Jamis Winston
Rb D Johnson
Rb E Elliot
Wr J Crowder
Wr  G Tate
Wr e sanders
Te c Brate
D Minnesota
K r aguayo

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