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Evan’s Last View On Week 9 In The NFL

It’s week nine and I usually look forward to writing these articles especially after I do a pod cast with Ian, but this week is different. I’m procrastinating and that’s a bad sign but it’s not my fault. The injury news like always is important but this week it is filtering sort of slowly and I’m just not comfortable yet. My advice is to stay on top of the rotoworld blurbs this week. Read everything!! I suspect I won’t have a lineup ready until thirty minutes before lock. I stated that I was uncomfortable but it doesn’t mean I don’t like the slate. To the contrary I actually love it. We just need to put it all together, so let’s begin.


Andrew Luck $8000
My personal favorite on the slate and it’s not even close. The public perception is that Luck let us down last week but was it really a letdown? The guy has averaged 19 points and at least 37 passes each of the last four games with rushing upside . Green Bay will funnel the colts offense to pass and although I questioned Green Bay’s ability to stop the run against Dallas I don’t have these questions here with the state of the colts offensive line and the running ability of Frank  Gore. Not convinced yet the pace of this game will be fast and due to the inability of both teams to run the ball we will see a ton of passes resulting in incomplete passes , clock stoppages, and as a result more plays run. I predict 90 pass plays between the two teams and you can feel free to consider Aaron Rodgers as well but I just happen to like Luck more.

Drew Bree’s $8600
Collin Kappernick $7200
I grouped these guys together for a reason.
Consider these numbers
Saints give up 30.3 points per game
49ers give up 31.3 points per game
Teams have scored on 50.7 percent of all drives against the 49ers
Long story short both defenses are terrible. The 49ers play at the fastest pace in the league which will result in a ton of plays being run and due to the inabilities of the defenses to stop anyone this game will be a fantasy gold mine.

Consider Phillip Rivers and Marcus Marriott

Running back

Chandcareck West $5600
Free square Spencer Ware has been ruled out no reason not to play him.

Mark Ingram $6700/ Carlos Hyde $7000
Consider these numbers
Saints give up 1.7 rushing touchdowns/game
49ers give up 1.4 rushing touchdowns/game
49ers allow a 170 rushing yards /game

Ezekiel Elliot $9200
I wish he were cheaper!! Dallas has scored a touchdown on 30 percent of all their offensive possession and Cleveland has allowed 193 yards on the ground the last 3 weeks

Melvin Gordon $7800
Ian loves him I’m not sure so I’ll write him up. He is guaranteed 20-25 touches and all the goal line work and he has a knack for scoring touchdowns.

Wide Receiver
Ty Hilton / Donte Moncrief $6100
See Andrew Luck same reasoning

Brandon Cooks $7600
Michael Thomas $5800
Willie Snead $6400
All are capable of having a big game

Jarvis Landry $7600
Safe cash game play but limited touchdown upside

Dontrell Inman $5300
Monitor the Chargers wide receiver injury situation may become the number one wide receiver by default this week

Tight ends
I hate this position this week and have zero clue what to do at this point
I’m considering Antonio Gates $5300 Dennis Pita $5200 And Kyle Rudolph and none get me excited. I’m going to dig into the position further and if anyone uncovers anything that I’m missing feel free to hit me up.

Kansas City $5100 chalk defense this week
Since week 5 the defense has registered 9 sacks 6 turnovers and double digit scoring

Giants $4200
Eagles are last in total offense and yards per game Carson Wentz has regressed

As you can see there is no shell lineup as even though it’s Saturday morning I feel like I have a ton of research still to complete and will get back to working on it. Best of luck in your contests this weekend and hopefully we will continue to grow our bankrolls together.

Any questions I can always be reached at up until 2 hours before kick off

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