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Evan’s Last View NFL Week 6

It’s time to put it all together and begin our roster construction for week 6 . Ian and I have conducted our weekly DFS podcast and if you haven’t had an opportunity to listen to it as of yet stop reading and listen as this article will reinforce a lot of things that were discussed. Don’t worry I’ll wait up for you!

Ok your back? Great let’s get started. As stated on the pod cast I love this slate for all formats of play, and as long as we don’t get too cute with our lineup process, and gear it towards the type of contest we are playing it’s fairly straight forward . I feel like people are going to make mistakes so let’s all get on the same page and continue to grow our bankrolls.

Before we start the position breakdowns let’s answer two questions from the pod cast

The Jaguars did beat the Colts in London for some reason neither Ian nor I could remember yesterday

Don’t get cute here pay up especially in cash game, no one has the upside as the guys at the top.

The mistakes
Tyrod Taylor won’t pass enough

Alex Smith dink and dunk is not the way to attack the Raiders

Marcus Marotta no longer a goal line back, pass volume may not be there, and makes way too many mistakes

Ben Roethlisberger  extreme home road splits I’m going to wait for him to be home again before I roster him

Drew Bree’s $8500
Personal favorite for all formats. I can’t figure out who he will target so I prefer to deploy him naked and I expect the Carolina secondary to continue to be exploited

Cam Newton $8900
Can has owned the saints the last three games, but the only concern is cam is returning from concussion protocol . Do we get aggressive goal line back Cam with the highest quarterback ceiling in the NFL or do we get coach managed Cam. I love Cam but I think coaches will play it safe this week and defer to Jonathan Stewart for goal line work this week. If we get aggressive Cam he will be the highest scoring quarterback on the slate. Time to read rotoworld blurbs and team beat writers to help guide us in the way coaches will deploy Cam this week.

Brian Hoyer $7000
I can make a case for paying down in tournaments with Hoyer as I think people will gravitate towards guys I listed as a mistake up above. Hoyer has thrown for 300 yards in each of his three starts and also passed the ball 17.8 percent of the time in the red zone which is third most in the NFL . Word of caution the Jaguars are rated as the 7th best pass defense in the NFL but 3rd in yards allowed per pass. In plain English they shut down the middle of the field well, limit opportunities for running backs out of the backfield, but are susceptible to giving up the big play to the outside receivers.

Tom Brady $9000
Angry Tom returns home as the most expensive quarterback on the slate. It’s funny to say that he will be contrarian but he will be. Like Bree’s I prefer Beady naked as I can’t guarantee who will soak up the targets but that being stated he is a fine stand alone option although I like the above three better

Running Back
Cash I’m paying up/ tournament will try to pay down if possible
These guys are good in all formats

Leveon Bell $9300
This is where I’ll get my exposure to the steelers. Miami has faced the most rushing attempts on the season and is a bottom two run defense in the NFL . Bell can receive 30-35 touches in this game , in addition Bell has not reached the end zone yet this season so some positive touchdown regression is likely.

Demarco Murray $8800
Tennessee ranks 4th in rushing attempts and Murray is second in the league in attempts. Cleveland is giving up 402.6 yards of offensive every game and Murray will get a large chunk of the action in this matchup.

Lesean McCoy $8200
Just play him !!! The safest running back on the slate and his price has not caught up to his production. Bills rank first in yards per carry and McCoy has not reached 20 carries in a game this year and this should change this week as they will run extra plays due to the 49ers fast pace. The 49ers are allowing 167.3 yards in the ground since week 2 this season . Love McCoy with the Buffalo defense as a correlation play.

Jordan Howard $7700
Good for all formats. Howard is averaging 5.8 yards a carry and I love the price point as like McCoy he is still to cheap for his production. Howard is a legitimate 3 down back and what people may not realize is that the Jaguars are a bottom five run defense. I don’t mind stacking Howard with Hoyer in tournaments .

Lamar Miller $7900
This is a great play in all formats and will go low owned due to public perception and recent performance . Miller is the only volume feature back to not reach the end zone and I believe the drought ends this week. Need more the colts have given an average of 15 points to the running back position for the season .

Ultimate gpp play
Ezekiel Elliot $8100
This is the guy in a matchup that everyone will be afraid to play and I’m not sure why!!!
Game logs 13.7-17.0- 22.2-30.6
That is his production the last 4 weeks.
Green Bay has the number one run defense and I’m not saying they aren’t good but they have done this against Minnesota , Detroit, Jacksonville , and the Giants. What do those teams have in common? No elite running backs and very poor offensive line play . Here is a hot take for you Elliot will be on the high $ winning tournament team this weekend and hits pay dirt twice.

Other cheap options to consider
Christian Michael and Jordan Matthews

Tight end
Only three for me to discuss

Greg Olsen $8100
Always puts up monster numbers vs the saints. Olsen has at least 8 receptions in the last 3 games vs the saints

Delanie Walker $6700
As stated earlier Tennessee has a really narrow distribution for targets. Cleveland is rated 30th dvoa against the tight end position and have allowed five top ten tight end finishes on the season.

Jimmy graham $6900
Personal favorite and finally healthy. Last two games over a hundred yards. Atlanta is 27th against the pass and there may be really bad weather here so targets me come more readily to Graham

Consider Coby Fleener

Wide Receiver
Cameron Meredith $5400
Another don’t get cute spots for cash games. This play opens up roster flexibility and he will be the chalk in cash . If he goes off and you don’t roster him you will regret It and if he does well you will keep pace with the field. There is merit to fading in tournaments especially being a number three wide receiver. As stated in the running back section Jacksonville is susceptible to big plays on the outside and if you want to attack this game you can pivot to Eddie Royal or Alshon Jeffrey.

Antonio Brown $9700
Let’s get this out of the way I’m not paying up in cash games due to Big Bens home road splits but for tournaments if I feel that his ownership will be low I’ll gladly have some shares of the best wide receiver in the NFL against a bad secondary

Kelvin Benjamin $7500
More exposure to New Orleans vs Carolina

Amari Cooper $7200
Weather concerns will avoid Marcus Peters
Matchup + price + opportunity

Ty Hilton $7900
Only wide receiver in the league to have double digit targets every week. Big home road splits and the Texans defend the wide receiver position well but hard to ignore the targets.

Jarvis Landry $6900
Great cash game play will be a targets monster especially in this game scripts but limited touchdown upside

Allen Robinson $8600
Favorite wide receiver on the slate. Double digit targets and the Jaguars throw the ball in the end zone as much as anyone. This game has really sneaky shootout possibilities. A game stack of Hoyer Howard and Robinson could be good.

If you want to pivot off Cameron Meredith this guy is an interesting tournament play only

Victor Cruz $5800/ Odell Beckham
According to pro football focus Sharise Wright is one of the worst corners in football. Maybe Eli can get right with this matchup. Keep in mind Odell in the past three seasons has been a late starter the breakout game is coming.

Bills $4800/ Titans $4700
My top two defenses on the slate the match ups make sense no need to overthink this . I have a slight lean to Buffalo at this point

New England $4700
Patriots will force the Bengals to play from behind. The bengals will be forced to throw more than they want to allowing the patriots to tee off on Andy Dalton which will lead to turnovers and sacks

Ian likes the Rams I like the Lions my advice fade them both unless your building multiple tournament teams

You didn’t think I was going to give you insight on kicker did you lol. Just fit in who works.

I’m going to close this article with my favorite catch phrase. For those of you who have been reading my articles for the last nine months already know itrust your research and never fear to be different if it makes sense. Now go out there and build the best roster that your capable of and let’s grow our bankrolls

Class dismissed
Good luck
Till next week

The article isn’t over, it is time for the shell lineups.

Cash shell
Drew Bree’s $8500
L bell $9300
L McCoy $8200
M jones $7700
M Thomas  $5400
C Meredith $5400
C Fleener $5600
Nick Novak $4500
Bills $4800

Gpp shell
Drew Bree’s $8500
L Bell $9300
L Miller $7900
Ty Hilton $7900
M Thomas $5400
C Meredith $5400

Zach Ertz $5400
Nick Novak $4500
Tennessee $4700

Any questions I can always be reached at up until 2 hours before kick off.

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