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Evans last look at week 7 in the NFL

It’s that time of the week to put everything together. After completing our pod cast I can really streamline my player pool. If you haven’t had an opportunity to listen to it do that before you continue reading , as this article will reinforce a lot of the information on the pod cast. I love doing these podcasts with Ian because even though we don’t always agree, it’s always a great idea to see things from another perspective. Remember there is no right or wrong method in DFS . What is important is that you trust your research and don’t get to tilted when you get it wrong because at the end of the day you will learn from your mistakes and become a more profitable player.

This is going to be a smaller player pool this week as I have streamlined my selections.
Let’s get started.

Geno Smith $5000
Can’t believe I’m going here. Ian are we really considering this. Tournament only. It sure gives you roster flexibility but it doesn’t make me feel good.

Matt Ryan $8700
Atlanta is second in the league in red zone opportunities. This game has the highest total on the slate and will be a fantasy gold mine.

Kirk Cousins $7200
Lions rank 3rd in passing touchdowns allowed. One of my favorite value quarterbacks on the slate.

Tom Brady $9100
Will be contrarian this week but should he be. New England is averaging 37.5 pass attempts per game, and they didn’t need to throw as much as they did. Steelers have allowed the most passing touchdowns in the NFL

Jameis Winston $7500
I can’t overstate it enough the amount of plays that will be run in this game . Looks good from a volume stand point. This game may also shoot out.

Running Back
Demarco Murray $8700
Third in the NFL in touches and a dream matchup vs the colts

Jaqueez Rodgers $5600
Thirty total touches not out of the question in this game. Ran extremely well bs the panthers and the 49ers can’t stop anyone

Spencer ware $7000
Andy Reid will run the ball all day against the saints and Jamal Charles may miss this game.

Wide Receiver
Julio Jones $9200
Ryan to Jones chalk of the week

A j Green $8500
Like him more if eifert misses the game . Cleveland is rated 26th defensively vs the pass

Brandon Marshall $7400
Will be a target monster and look out if Jimmy Smith misses the game

Tyrell Williams $6100
Like him more if Travis Benjamin misses this game.

Mike Evans $8000
My favorite wide receiver on the slate . How many targets will Mike Evans get???

Julian Edelman $6900
The targets are there a breakout game is coming.

Tight end
Jack Doyle $4700
Colts wide receiver corps is decimated and Dwayne Allen will probably miss this game . Doyle should get a 100 percent of the snaps.

Hunter Henry $5800/ Antonio Gates $5500
If Travis Benjamin is out feel free to fire these guys up Phillip Rivers has to throw to someone. Atlanta gives up the 4th most touchdowns to the tight end position.

A note on the expensive guys.
Rob Gronkowski $8500
Phenomenal spot but just too rich for my blood. If you can afford to use him I wouldn’t blame you though.

Jordan Reed has been ruled out and I still don’t know the status of  Desean Jackson I’m not against using Pierre Garçon or Jameson Crowder if these guys miss

Bengals $5100
Huge favorite against the Browns. Cleveland has given up 19 quarterback sacks this season.

Vikings $4900
Top 10 defense every week. I don’t like taking defenses on the road but might make an exception.

Eagles $4400
Just seem to score defensive touchdowns every week. Is there really anything about the Minnesota offense that scares you.

Jets $4400
Only if Joe Flacco sits

Miami $4400
Only if Lesean McCoy sits

Shell lineups
G smith $5000
D Murray $8700
J Rodgers $5700
M Evans $8000
B Marshall $7400
J jones $9200
H Henry $5800
S Gostkowski $5100
Bengals $5100

Matt Ryan $8700
Demarco Murray $8700
Mike Gillisee $5300
Julio Jones $9200
Mike Evans $8000
Pierre Garçon $6100
J Doyle $4700
Mike Nugget $4600
New England $4400

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Any questions I can always be reached at up until 2 hours before kick off

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