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Evan’s First look at Week 8 in the NFL

In week 1 of the NFL season I started the article off with the statement are you confused or confident. Well week 8 has me confused as of Wednesday but it’s not my fault as there are a lot of injury situations that need to play out which may just open up a ton of value. By first look of this slate there already is a lot of value so this week it may be challenging to use all your salary. Feel free to listen to our pod cast on Friday as I hope things will become clearer by then.

Unrelated- The NBA opened with a boom as the site posted a free line up that just destroyed it with a score over 300. Enough of that let’s get started.

Jets vs Browns
Ryan Fitzpatrick and the jets offense is back in our lives. Every quarterback has thrown for 2 touchdowns minimum against the Cleveland defense this year.

Falcons vs packers
Fantasy goldmine get exposure to this game

Texans vs Lions
Good spot for the Texans offense to get back on track. Monitor Darius slays health . Who will be in the Detroit backfield I hear Ian and Evan may have to come out of retirement for this one

Seahawks vs Saints
We know to target all offenses vs the Saints but Drew Bree’s is at home so he needs to be paid attention to

Patriots vs Buffalo
Monitor Lesean McCoy. The game total is 47.5 and I think the line will drop. Bills typically slow down Gronkowski

Bucs vs Raiders
Winston to Evans yes please. Oakland offense is definitely in play as well

Chiefs vs colts
Andy Reid please keep Spencer Ware as your featured back. Ty Hilton and Jack Doyle should perform well again

Broncos vs chargers
Monitor c j Anderson. Antonio gates may become relevant this week as Denver erases opposing wide receivers

Panthers vs Cardinals
This game is confusing except for the fact that David Johnson is matchup proof

Cowboys vs Eagles
Ezekiel Elliot is for real but so is the Eagles defense

That’s a wrap it’s time for me to dial in my research see you on the pod cast

Any questions I can always be reached at up until 2 hours before kick off

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