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Evans First Look At Week 7

Trust your research. Don’t make suboptimal picks. The slate is easy to dissect. Be careful people are going to make mistakes. I stated all these things in my articles and on the podcast . Boy was I right!! I just didn’t think I was going out to be the guy to make the errors. Here is how it went down. I’m ready to finalize my rosters ( they looked very similar to the shells I posted, if you used that exact lineup with no changes you probably had a very successful Sunday) when news comes out that Will Fuller was scratched and in my mind Jalen Strong is now an optimal play. Long story short he wasn’t and to my disgust ten minutes after the slate locks Will Fuller is active. It wasn’t a good cash game week thankfully my tournament teams bailed me out and it was a break even week but it could have been so much more. Well that’s in the past now we learn and move on. It’s a new week let’s see what initially sticks out. I’m sticking to the sinSunday slate for this articles purposes.

Jets vs Ravens
Must win game for the Jets. The Ravens secondary isn’t very good and Brandon Marshall could have a really big game . The jets secondary isn’t much better can Joe Flacco take advantage. Shelve the running game for both teams

Vikings vs Eagles
We have some reverse line movement in this game as the Vikings are now a two point favorite. Like both defenses but that’s about it.

Chiefs vs Saints
Another shoot out game. Both teams are very poor vs the run . Mark Ingram at $6500 has some appeal and if we can clarify the Kansas City running back situation I have some interest. Remember Drew Bree’s has extreme home vs road splits

Lions vs Redskins
Great game to target. Fire up Kirk Cousins against a suspect lions secondary. Jordan Reed can you please clear concussion protocol. Could Matt Jones really be an option ? Stanford to Jones and hopefully a healthy Theo Riddick

Bengals vs Browns
Every quarterback has thrown for 3 touchdowns against the Browns it’s Andy Daltons turn. Bengals defense is in play this week. Terell Pryor must be considered weekly at this point

Bills vs Dolphins
I’m not sure what to make of this game as of now. More information is needed

Jaguars vs Raiders
I’m on the Allan Robinson train one more week I think. Blake Bortles is in play this week. Am I crazy for considering Chris Ivory.
Usual suspects for the Raiders Carr / Crabtree/ and Cooper

Titans vs Colts
A lot of reverse line movement on this one. Demarco Murray is the man despite the salary . Ty Hilton should have a bounce back game.

Falcons vs Chargers
If you like offense this is your game

Bucs vs 49ers
I’ll take a pass

Patriots vs Steelers
As a Steeler fan I was really looking forward to this one but with the injury to Big Ben not so much. Downgrade Brown and Bell somewhat . Feels like a Blount game

Cards vs Seattle
No game total yet. Could be a tough game to predict. David Johnson is matchup proof. Jimmy Graham is back looking forward to this game.

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