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We have just launched a new and improved DFS website!

Hi DFS Players,

We have just launched a new and improved website.  Please visit:

This exciting new website is all inclusive, therefore if you subscribe to our Premium Membership, you will receive all the sports we post including NFL, MLB, and PGA.  In mid-October NBA and NHL will also be available.  Remember, 80% of FSUS content is totally free, and with that, you receive free daily picks.  Try our site for FREE, use promo code: freeweek.  If you already subscribe to FSUS, you will notice that in addition to these changes, we have many new and improved changes.

Some of our new changes include a weekly, Thursday evening podcast, hosted by me and our FSUS analyst, Evan.  You’ll have to check it out, and if you haven’t seen our blog, you have to go to that.  Be sure to check out our comment section on the blog to have a voice and contribute to FSUS.  Your thoughts and comments are valuable, and we want to hear from our members! 

You will note that many new features have been added to this upgrade and we’ve been working overtime to bring you the latest, greatest updates in the world of daily fantasy.  Best of all, new features are being added all the time, and that’s another reason to write into the blog, because we need to hear what YOU need, want, and have to say. 

Finally, we now have an affiliate program!  If you love daily fantasy the way we do, and want to earn a little extra money while you enjoy your sport, check out this seamless opportunity.  All it takes is a moment of your time to sign up.  When you sign up you will be sent a link which you can download into your email database, and better yet, post on social media.  Once it’s downloaded, you sit back and receive 50% of the net payment made to FSUS through new subscribers who simply click on your link and subscribe.  Your portion of the net payment is sent out to you on a monthly basis VIA PAY PAL.  Just another fun way to earn some money and enjoy the world of daily fantasy! 

I am very excited about our new site and all the upgrades and changes we’ve made.  As we approach our third year of providing picks, we believe that these new perks will provide you with the data you need to lay out your own play strategies.  Fall is a great season for daily fantasy players, and we look forward to providing you with the best online experience, making it a fun and rewarding season.

I look forward to seeing you on,


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