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The importance of Late Swap on Draft Kings

Last year I took went to NYC for a seminar by the most successful players in the USA.  There were 7 great players and one of them was Al Smizzle.  He spoke for about 1 hour and I wrote down most of what he was suggesting.  Looking at my notes yesterday (there was a reason) he really like the idea of late swap on DK.  When playing football and you are in contention for Mondays slat you can figure out who the other player by reverse engineering the lineup. Let say you are behind by 20-30 point and you have a top pick and you know the players in front of you have the top pick, you have to pivot to someone else to have any chance.

Well Monday night Al Smizzle was 30 points behind the leader and needed a big play.  He pivoted to Diggs, he went for 30.50 points and Al Smizzle won the 1.1 top prize on Draft Kings.  He took his own advice.  Congratulations Al. 


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