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NFL Week 2 Class in Session

Earlier in the week I touched on some quick bullets on each game that might have some interest. Today I’m going to help you narrow down your choices for players that you may be interested in rostering. This is by no means an article telling you who to play it’s strictly game theory. By the end of the week Friday/ Saturday I will have my narrowed down list of players, with reasons why, Ian and I will have our podcast putting things together by Sunday morning at the latest. When reading these articles keep in mind that situations will continue to change up until lock. If a player isn’t discussed it doesn’t mean they are off the radar it can mean I’m just personally conflicted if I’m interested or not. Last but not least always trust your research remember everyone has an opinion and sometimes going against chalk . Case in point did you have to play Dak Prescott to win in cash last week ? Survey says no. Did you have to play Spencer Ware to win in cash ? Survey says probably. The bottom line is this opinions are like you you know what everyone has one ,don’t be afraid to follow your gut and your research and go against the field, your bankroll may just give you a big hug because you dared to be different.

Before we start I’m a big fan of the mid tier for almost every position this week. Now I’m not saying I won’t pay up in spots, but this slate has a ton of value.

In addition I won’t be going over Vegas lines and over under totals, I’m sure you already conducted that research so I’ll save some unnecessary writing and just get to the juicy stuff. Are you ready? Let’s go!!!!!

Matchup+price+opportunity=player rostered

Bills vs Jets
Just fade fade this game please and if your playing the Thursday –Monday slate just fade this game. Let’s move on,

Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh
Many of the experts see this game as a shootout but I have some serious reservations about that assessment. This is a division game between two teams that really hate each other. Trust me I’m a Steeler fan they really do hate each other. Being that it’s a division game they know each other inside in out. I expect a tough hard backyard brawl as opposed to a shoot out. The Bengals scheme should slow down Antonio Brown and at his salary, even though he is matchup proof I want more of a sure thing. Don’t believe me check his stats, you may be somewhat surprised at what you see. From the Pittsburgh side I like Deangelo Williams at his price tag just from a sheer volume perspective, he has upside and is featured in the pass game. Some sneaky plays on the Pittsburgh dude could be Eli Rodgers , Sammie Coates, and Jesse James. These guys if deployed although they have a low floor could help you roster some higher priced players if you choose. For the Cincinnati side I have a ton of interest in A J Green who just seems to average a touchdown and a ton of yards against a poor Pittsburgh secondary.

Titans vs Lions
Matthew Stafford has another great matchup and should throw the ball at least 35 times with room form ore depending on the game flow. Stafford has 3 touchdown upside in this matchup and look for Marvin Jones to continue to be a big target especially in the vertical passing game. Jones can expect up to ten targets and at his price point is still too cheap.  To the Tennessee side Marcus Mariotta deserves some interest at this price point due to game script. Tennessee will attempt to run the ball in this game but if they fall behind early, it will force Marriota to beat them through the air and abandon the running game. Here is where I’m not totally buying in . Darius Slay will shadow Tajee Sharp limiting his upside even though he should be Tennessee’s most targeted receiver. The other Tennessee receivers just don’t interest me, however I have a ton of interest in Delanie Walker this week who should work the middle of the field. Detroit was one of the worst defenses against the tight end position and last week gave up 3 touchdowns to colts tight ends do it looks like things haven’t really improved all that much.

Ravens vs Browns
I’m going to just pass on this game . Maybe the Baltimore defense and even there I’m just not sure. Don’t worry here are the reasons. Baltimore running backs are in a time share, we can’t identify a primary receiver, and although Joe Flacco wants to pass his recent stat lines are less than inspiring. Cleveland side same thing we have Josh Mccown at a cheap price point but who is he going to play catch with. Some people will use Gary Barnidge but I need to see something before I get on that bus.

Cowboys vs Redskins
Not a big fan of this game either another slow paced barren Dfs game. The Cowboys game script is simple run the ball and a short passing game . Ezekiel Elliot could have a good game but just doesn’t seem involved enough in the passing game. We can target Jason Witten and Cole Beasley if we need to for the short passing game but I think we can do better. I’m not to enthusiastic about rostering Redskins players including Jordan Reed as Dallas defend the tight end position well.

Saints vs Giants
Highest total on the slate right. Shootout right. I’m going to get some exposure to this game but it will be chalky. I prefer the Giants side of the ball but a word of caution. Like last week I have a different take on how this game could play out. Let’s start with the Giants side of the game. The Giants are going to look to push the pace after playing at a snails pace last week vs Dallas, but here is the question do they do it through the air or on the ground. There is a scenario where the Giants get a fast 2 touchdown lead and decide to pound a very poor New Orleans run defense with Rishard Jennings. Rishard Jennings at his price point is sneaky good as he has 2 touchdown upside as he is the clear red zone back and although Shane Vereen may cut into his production somewhat I’m not worried about him vulturing a touchdown from Jennings if it is a goal line situation. I have no objection using Jennings in cash or tournaments and if you want to use a sneaky Giants stack throw in Vereen. Odell Beckham of all the 3 top wide outs has the best matchup on paper as the New Orleans secondary wasn’t good and will now be without their top corner Devin Brsaux who has a broken foot. Victor Cruz and Sterling  Shepard  also stand to benefit from this matchup as well. I guess my problem is the whole Giant offense is in play but I’m just not sure who is going to score the fantasy points. Great offense get exposure to it but don’t over do it. Let’s talk about New Orleans now. After last weeks’ explosion Im sure some players will want to pay up for Drew Bree’s but having researched it I see that he has some seriously unfavorable home and road splits. I’m not saying he is going to have a bad game but I’m not sure that his production will justify his price. As for the receivers Willie Snead tweaks my interest as he has a nice price point. Brandon Cooks is always in play but I like other players better at his price point.

Panthers vs 49ers
Panthers defense, Cam Newton, Kelvin Benjamin, Graham Gano,Greg Olsen and Jonathan Stewart all in play but a blow out is a real possibility here. Wow did I just mention a kicker!!!!

Dolphins vs Patriots
Has the makings of a Lagarette Blount game but can we trust any New England running back situation.  Not much else to say here but I’m interested possibly in the New England defense

Seattle vs Rams
Complete pass for me

Kansas City vs Houston
Lamar Miller will get plenty of opportunities but for his cost and matchup I think I’ll look elsewhere. I’m very interested in Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller. I expect Hopkins to be double teamed and I like Fuller to get plenty of targets. I’m going to avoid the Kansas City offense in this one.

Cardinals vs Bucs
One of my favorite games. If paying up at running back David Johnson is an obvious choice as he should serve as an option on the ground and as a receiver, word of caution Tampa is somewhat stout against the run. My favorite bolster is Michael Floyd as he may get somewhat overlooked by the masses after Larry Fitzgerald’s game last week. I’m not to excited about Tampa in this game as I expect Mike Evans to be shadowed by Patrick Peterson. Vincent Jackson could have upside but will he get the targets?

Falcons vs Raiders
Another possible shootout. Julio Jones is always in play but is he healthy. In addition, Matt Ryan has serious home road splits. I need to figure out if Desmond Trufant will shadow Amari Cooper. I have a ton of interest in Latavius Murray this week as well.

Colt vs  Broncos
C J Anderson enough said.

Jags vs Chargers
My favorite sneaky game on the slate. I hope it’s still sneaky after this assessment. I expect a track meet in this game and look for both teams to push the pace. Jaguars travel to the west coast and I expect their wide receivers to get plenty of volume in this one. I’m off their running backs as I’m not a fan of T J Yeldon. Julius Thomas may be my favorite tight end on the slate as I see him having a big part in the passing game especially in the red zone. Let’s talk about San Diego. I expect Phillip Rivers to air it out and the primary beneficiaries will be .

I left some space on purpose as here is where we take a chance. Antonio Gates is my second favorite tight end on the slate and may actually be on my roster when the dust settles. I expect him to receive plenty of targets and red zone work in addition Jacksonville is not strong defensively vs the tight end position . Danny Woodhead will get targets and touches and I have no problem using a running back slot on him and I’m intrigued with Tyrelle Williams.

Packers vs Vikings
With all the other good options for fantasy goodness I’ll take a pass here despite the possibility of some good match ups. I personally just believe we can do better.

Eagles vs Bears
The Monday night hammer is a little weak but I love Alshon Jeffrey against a weak secondary

That finishes the game by game break down. Stay tuned for the targeted player pool lists and the pod cast that will wrap our week two research up. Don’t miss our Premium Picks!

Class dismissed!!!



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