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Evan’s First View of Week 2 In The NFL

Week one is in the rear view mirror and for me if not for a Steeler explosion on Monday night football it would have been a disaster. Of course we want to turn a profit on every slate but If you don’t lose money consider it a victory not matter how small it might be.

We will focus on in this article just some initial bullets from each game because there are a lot of injury situations already you monitor many of the over under Vegas lines are not out yet.

Let’s get started
Bills vs Jets
Not much to like here. It’s the Thursday night game as per usual fit me full fade,

Giants vs Saints
Probably the Highest total on the slate. I’m expecting a ton of interest on both offenses. Under the radar picks for this game based on initial pricing Rashard Jennings, Victor Cruz, and Sterling Shepard.

Lions vs Titans
Can the Titans defend against the Detroit passing game. Can Detroit defend the Tennessee running game.

Texans vs Chiefs
Low initial total may want to avoid this game.

Patriots vs Dolphins
Are the Patriots as good as they looked and likewise for the Dolphins as both teams played well in week one even though both teams had mixed results

Ravens vs Browns
Who will start for the Browns now that R G 3 is done . Could be value to be had at the quarterback position

Steelers vs Bengals
Expect a tough game here better place to look for fantasy goodness

Redskins vs Cowboys
Another tough game probably a fade for me

Panthers vs 49ers
Carolina defense  and Kelvin Benjamin that’s about it for me

Cardinals vs Bucs
Game has shoot out written all over it . I’ll be getting a ton of exposure here

Hawks vs Rams
Russell Wilson status needs to be monitored. Seahawks running back situation needs to be monitored.

Broncos vs Colts
This game I’m going to really have to breakdown as it’s the most confusing game for me at this point

Raiders vs Falcons
Me Winston torched the Falcons secondary what’s Derek Carr going to do

Chargers vs Jaguars
Very sneaky upside game for both offenses
This game could fly under the radar and win some one a tournament . Monitor Chris ivory

Packers vs Vikings
Interesting game. Who starts for Minnesota, does Adrian Peterson bounce back. Has the feeling for a good Eddie Lacy game

Bears vs Eagles
Not much of a Monday night hammer this week unfortunately

Good luck

Evan, as always you can contact me at,

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins

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