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10 Contrarian Strategies for MLB GPPS

1.Stack a lower implied team.

Look for a lower implied run total for a team you think will score more runs. I usually look for a hitter’s park.  Is the opposing team’s bullpen weak?  Look for later posted games.

2.Stacking against an ace pitcher.

If the ace is in a hitter’s park and on the road.  Is the ace pitching against a hot ball club?  I don’t usually use this but it does have merit.  Don’t go against Kershaw in Dodger stadium.

3.Taking a Cheap Pitcher.

You can find value here.  Look for pitchers who have k upside and you know can throw over 100 pitchers and deep into a game.  Do pick from the bottom, you can find value in the middle.

4.Bottom of the order hitters.

Not all managers place their top hitters in the first 5 positions of the batting order. Be different and stack 5,6,7,8 or any other late stack. This will separate you from the rest of the pack. Take 3,5,7,9 on a high implied run total.  I like taking the visiting team as they will get extra bats because they will bat in the ninth.

5.Don’t Stack?

You just setting yourself up to be lucky. I love to use a stack always, if they go off you receive lots of points. If you don’t stack each person you place will have to have upside. I am not saying don not do this but use caution.

6.Targeting a Rain Potential Game.

Most DFS players will run from these games afraid they may lose out if the game is cancelled. If your playing gpps look for games like these. Huge up-side potential. If you are on Twitter follow Kevin Roth, great weather updates all day long.  Do not play these types of games in cash contests.

7.Target late games with no lineups out.

Ownership on these games is always low. If you see a late game you like check projected lineups and use them. If these lineups go off your way ahead of the competition. DFS players do not want to take risk, in GPPS you need to.

8.Take Elite hitters in bad matchups.

Love this one.  There are players who are just great hitters.  Even in bad match-ups hitters like Trout, Goldschmidt, Murphy, Harper, always have high potential. Use these players to your advantage.

9.Look for great match-ups.

I like BVP matchups.  I believe in hot hitters and cold ones to.  For cash game Murphy is a solid player and usually pays off.

10.Want to be totally different. 

Look for pinch-hitters who you know will get at least one at bat and have home run potential.  Last week Daniel Murphy was not playing and had a high potential to get into the game. He did and hit a home run, even in the huge GPPS he was less then .1 owned. 


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