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Pay down at pitcher and load up on offense today

We have a full Tuesday slate of games to work with. Today we have some high priced pitchers and some great offenses to choose from. Let’s get started.
Pitchers I’m looking to use:
I’m going to break a rule today . I usually spend up on pitching most slates and although we do have some very high ticket pitchers on today’s slate their match ups are less than ideal.
 Me personally I’m staying away from Jon Lester and Zach Greinke as I think there is a lot of blow up potential for these 2 pitchers tonight. Now I won’t fault you if your on these guys and choose to roster them but I won’t .
 Today the pitchers I’m looking to roster are mid tier ,cheap and a 100 percent based on matchup. Remember although advisable to pay up for pitching some slates it might not be the way to go. Remember every slate is different.
 So here are 3 pitchers I’m looking to use. In most cases I won’t talk about their individual stats because it will lead you to believe that I have lost my mind with recommendations . Instead I will focus in on their match ups. I do believe each one of these options really can get a win tonight.
Rick Porcello vs Tampa bay. First the game is in Tampa which is s pitchers park. Second the Rays strike out at a rate of over 24 percent. Third Chris Archer his opponent is up against one of the best offenses in baseball so Porcello should get run support. Last but not least porcello  does have a good k percentage and doesn’t walk a ton of batters.
 Jose Quintana vs Minnesota Twins. Again we have a decent matchup against a team that strikes out plenty and just isn’t really good offensively . In addition the game is in Chicago and for some reason the twins offense is one of the worst travel offenses in baseball.
Last but not least take a deep breath before you read this recommendation
Ubaldo Jiminez vs the padres. This is pure match-up play the game is in San Diego which is a good pitchers park. The Padres strike out a bunch and I like the Orioles to give a ton of run support. Playing Ubaldo allow you to play any batters you like and I think many Dfs players will not adopt this strategy.
 Pitchers I’m looking to attack / stacks to deploy,
Coors field obvious play but I really like Toronto in their match-up today against Eddie Butler . This can be one of those games where you see an outfielder pitch that’s how ugly it may get.
I also like some exposure to Rockies cheap bats that may be in the lineup due to injury.
Other offenses I’m high on today Cubs and Marlins.
 My favorite offense that may get overlooked today is the Orioles who have a match up with Erik Johnson of the Padres. He is the definition of a gas can Sierra 4.93 doesn’t strike out any one and issues too many free passes. With all the attention being paid to other offenses they may get overlooked.
In conclusion my game plan is to pay down at pitcher and load up in the offenses today.
That’s a wrap
Good luck today,

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