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NFL Draft Day Is Here!

We’re back with more news. NFL Draft week is here! The first round starts Thursday at 8 p.m. EST.

FanDuel will be giving away prizes on Twitter throughout the draft to people who engage with the hashtag #FanDuelWarRoom, and it will offer significant promotional opportunities for you guys.

We are anticipating a large amount of engagement due to live coverage from the Jaguars official twitter account, Official FanDuel account, numberFire account and the FanDuel content team.

We will be promoting most involvement by doing a recap article and retweeting some of your posts throughout the draft – which will reach our 209,000+ followers.

The Ask: When you are tweeting about the Draft, use the #FanDuelWarRoom at the end of your tweet

Exposure: FanDuel will be promoting this through our official Twitter account (209k+ followers),  our official Facebook account (1.1m+ Likes), email to users (500k+ users), Jaguars Twitter account (315k+ Followers), and the numberFire Twitter account (33k+ followers) – Total: 2.1m+ people will see the #FanDuelWarRoom and are the perfect audience for our partners to grow your audience

How we will promote you:  FanDuel will retweet posts on Twitter during the NFL Draft. FanDuel also will post an article on the coverage of these tweets on FanDuel Insider.

Thanks and enjoy the draft!

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