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Baller On A Budget Week 13

Our favorite classmate, A-Aron Gordon, came through huge for us bookending last week in style. Gordon began the week with a 31.2 fantasy point performance and ended the week with a 44.6 point fantasy onslaught. For the week, Gordon averaged 5.1 fantasy points per $1,000 despite his price tag rising above $5,000. If you managed to enter a lineup yesterday before you soiled you fingers with guacamole and Dorito dust, A-Aron should’ve put enough money in your pocket to cover all of the prop bets you lost during Super Sunday.

With Valentine’s week upon us, love is in the air (unless you’re Derek Fisher and the New York Knicks). With that, we have no choice but to choose a player from a country that brought us one of our favorite romance languages. With an Italian accent that will make your heart melt and a three-point stroke that will spread the D, Marco Belinelli is our Valentine’s Casanova. In the absence of the non Thrift Shop McLemore, Belinelli has been earning starts for the dysfunctional, yet entertaining Sacramento Kings. Over the last four games, Belinelli is averaging 6.5 fantasy points per $1,000 salary cap dollars. If your whole lineup was able to perform at this astronomical rate, you’d post 390 points and surely win every contest you entered. If Belinelli can keep scoring in the name of love, he’s a can’t miss value play this week at only $4,000. Ciao Beli!

Chris Horton  @HortonBBallSite


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