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Baller On A Budget Week 12

I de-friended Tyler Johnson on Facebook and I unfollowed him on Instagram. With everything perfectly in place for a monster performance last Tuesday, Johnson came up missing. Although he did bounce back the following night with a 4.6 points per $1,000 performance, Tuesday’s egg was unforgivable. This week, I will whip back into shape with Nene. Watch me.

Are you one of the many people that forgot Nene Hilario was still playing basketball? Don’t be embarrassed. The last time I heard Nene’s name was when Dan Le Batard so accurately told us that he looks like a gladiator that will help you slay a tiger then join you as you embark on a quest. It looks like Nene returned from his quest a couple weeks ago and is back to putting up the Nene numbers of old. Since January 11th, Nene is averaging 22.38 fantasy points per contest and more importantly, 5.43 points per $1,000 salary cap dollars. A healthy Nene also provides fantasy owners the opportunity for the breakout performance like the 32.7 point outburst in the most recent Wiz game on the 20th. As long as Nene doesn’t embark on any more quests and the Wizards aren’t snowed in, Nene should be a great value play.

Chris Horton


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