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If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? I don’t know but if that tree is named Kevin Martin, it’ll probably score 20 points. Kevin Martin has spent his entire NBA career flying under the radar, scoring by the bucket full for mediocre teams while no one watches. Most people who have not been consumed by fantasy basketball for the past decade would be surprised to know that Kevin Martin has averaged at least 20 points per game in six NBA seasons, with last season being the most recent. Thankfully for daily fantasy owners, Kevin Martin has been revived again in Minnesota.
After overcoming a wrist injury and being reinserted in the starting lineup, K-Mart went nuts last week with fantasy outputs of 43.7, 31.3, and 25.1 points. Even more important than total points are points per dollar spent. As Martin put up outrageous numbers last week, his salary increased each day. Nevertheless, his fantasy points per $1,000 spent over that three game stretch was 11.8, 7.5, and 5.7 respectively. We always aim for 5.0 as our benchmark, so Martin will put any lineup in a good position if he can maintain this pace simply by doing what he’s always done. The only potential obstacles for Martin would be an inexplicable change in playing time and if the lovely people at FanDuel decide to raise Martin’s price tag high enough to submarine his value. Barring those two things, we know who Kevin Martin is — that tree in the forest dropping 20. Tiimmbberrrrr!!!




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