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I entered my password but it says it isn’t active? The first time you enter in your password, you need to press Refresh Logins.  That initializes it.  Then as long as you are an active subscriber and your password is in there, then you don’t need to press Refresh Logins anymore.

I press refresh but I don’t get any data. Why? Refresh data only works if you press it before games are starting.  If you press it at the end of the night, it will error out.  The next day stats aren’t out yet so there’s nothing to fill the spreadsheet with.  Just wait until the next day to try it.

I get a 1004 Error message when I press to Refresh the stats. Why? One common reason is that you have filters on, on your Batter or Pitcher tab.  You can NOT have the filters on because Excel is performing some actions on those tabs.  Just turn the filters off and Refresh the data again and it should work.  If not, email me.

I have a Mac, will this work on a Mac? Sorry but no it will not right now.  It only works in Windows.  I am hoping to roll it out to a Mac at some point.

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