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In the DFS industry you can argue that there are two power house sites currently running. There is FanDuel andDraftKings, and then there is everyone else. But I believe there is a site that has all the right tools to be in contention within the next year or so. That site is

A New Idea FantasyDraft has a business model that isn’t like any of the other DFS sites. They have what they call the sixth degree referral program that is sure to guarantee players will be telling their friends to sign up. If you refer a friend you get commissions not only for that friend, but their friends’ friends up to six people. So if I refer Richard, and he refers Corey who refers Vanessa, I get commissions from all of them and all their referrals  including the next two people in line if Vanessa refers some people.

The last two weeks they have had a huge overlay in their 250k,100k and 50k contests. An overlay is when you have a guaranteed contest that does not fill but still goes off. Example the 100k required 11,000 contestants and they only had 4400. Do not miss this opportunity to earn some $$ while this lasts.

Here’s How it Works Check out the video to see exactly how this works from Drew Brees, Boomer Esiason, & Jimmy Johnson!
FantasyDraft is a brand new Daily Fantasy Sports site that just released their beta product and the release of the full site is expected in the coming days. They have a well-built, easy-to-use interface and a unique referral program that rewards players like never before.

While there is not currently a promo code or deposit bonus available while FantasyDraft is in Beta, you can still get access to future RotoGrinders-only perks by signing up through one of our links. Click here to get started on FantasyDraft. Otherwise, read on for details about the site’s offerings and check back soon for additional details and updates!

Game Offerings: The games available at FantasyDraft include salary cap contest for seven major sports includingNFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, CFB and CBB.
Their easy to navigate lobby makes it simple to join and filter contest by game type, entry fee, and prize-pool.


Contest Types: FantasyDraft offers a nice variety of user created and guaranteed salary cap contest.

Beginner leagues – Players with under 60 games played will be eligible for beginner leagues on FantasyDraft. They also offer 50/50 games, Head-To-Head games, user created leagues, and a variety of qualifier contest to their large events.

Lineup Construction: The lineup building process at FantasyDraft is simple. Each lineup is required to have players from three different teams, and no more than four players from any single team.


The easy to read player cards provide all the information you need including current season stats, splits, the latest team and player news, and a summary of the player’s upcoming matchup.

Referral Program:

FantasyDraft has come up with an innovative new referral program that gets you paid not only on the players you refer, but also the players your referrals refer. Check out the video below for an in depth explanation of this program.


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